Gartneriet Kjeld Hansen ApS is a small nursery established in 1939. We reside in Odense and have specialised in Stephanotis (Madagascar jasmine) plants for more than fifty years. Just over five years ago, we also decided to grow Dipladenia (Mandevilla), as it goes well with our expertise and area of specialisation.

At Gartneriet Kjeld Hansen, our most important action areas include the environment and plant quality. For instance, we produce plants only during seasons with the lowest environmental impact. Similarly, we are certified to MPS-A (international environmental scheme), where, in 2016, we achieved 107.1 points out of a possible 110. We use this achievement to maintain and improve our processes.

Plant quality and health are crucial to us. Also, we ensure that our plants are hardy, well-watered and properly packed before we dispatch them from the nursery. We do this because healthy plants live longer and provide the best experiences.